CapabilitiesPrecision CNC Machining Services
For Aerospace Components
Custom Aerospace Engine
Component Concurrent
Engineering Services
Secondary Operations:
Specialty CMM Inspection &
Testing Capability
Example ProductsCNC Machining of 
Stainless Steel Seal Runners
for the Aerospace Industry
Fabrication & Assembly of
Turbine Exhaust Case Struts
CNC Machined
Titanium Shroud Sets
Custom CNC Machining of
Stator Assemblies
Custom Fabrication of Aluminum
Core Vane Assemblies
CNC Machining of
Titanium Sump Housing
CNC Milled Magnesium
Gearbox Housings & Cases

Secondary Operations - CMM Inspection & Testing Services

CMM Inspection & Testing Services
CMM Inspection & Testing Services
  Inspection & Testing Services
Automated Remote Access CMM
  Aerospace Component CMM Inspection & Testing Services
Aerospace Component CMM Trained Personnel

Birken Manufacturing offers CMM inspection services as well as component assembly and testing for the aerospace industry, including commercial, and military applications. Working with complex jet engine assemblies and jet engine details, we can perform a wide range of inspection processes. Our inspection services include FPI, MPI, and Zeiss CMMs, and can handle CMM ranges of up to 40" X 65" X 24". We have high-temperature and high-pressure oil flow test equipment and offer pneumatic, hydraulic, atmosphere, and fuel pressure stations. The Birken facility and equipment is in compliance with all applicable industrial standards, including NADCAP, ISO 9000 and AS 9100.

Birken Manufacturing is proud of its status as a Tier 1 supplier to OEMs such as Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, and Rolls-Royce. We are known for our attention to detail and our commitment to quality, and ensuring that all of our products and services meet our customer's specifications and requirements.

For more detail on our specialty CMM inspection, assembly and testing, please see below and contact us directly to learn more about our various capabilities.

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Example Specialty CMM Inspection & Testing Service Projects

CNC Machining of Steel Seal Runners for the Aerospace IndustryWelding & CNC Milling of Struts for the Aerospace IndustryCustom CNC Machined Titanium Jet Engine ComponentsCustom CNC Machining of Inconel Stator Assemblies   Custom Fabrication of Aluminum Core Vane AssembliesCustom CNC Machining of Titanium Sump Housings for the Aerospace IndustryCustom CNC Milled Magnesium Gearbox Housing Units

Specialty Inspection Services Overview

Specialty Inspection Processes
Zeiss CMM
Brown + Sharp CMM
Customer Self Release
CMM Range 40 x 65 x 24 in
Assembly Components Springs
Test Stations
Fuel Control /
Parameter Verification
Oil Targeting
Fuel Pressure
Fuel Temperature
Oil Flow Test Equipment High Temperature
High Pressure
Nozzle Testing Specifications Pressure

Additional Information

Industries Served Aerospace
Commercial Aviation
Military Aviation & Vehicles
Intended Applications
Jet Engine Components
Air Foils
Engine Housings
Sheet Metal Fabrications
Shock / Drag Strut
Complex Assemblies
Turbine Exhaust Case Details
Precision Valve Assemblies
Large Engine Case Assemblies
Seal Runners
Honeycomb Seals
Gear Boxes
Bearing Housings
Industry Standards Met ISO 9000
AS 9100
NADCAP (EDM, Fusion Welding, FPI / MPI)
MIL-STD-1595A / PWA-16 (Fusion Welding)
MIL-W-6858 / PWA-15 (Resistance Welding)
MIL-L-26399 (Pneumatic and Hydraulic Testing)
Efficiency Projects
5S Training
Lean Manufacturing
Lights Out Manufacturing
File Formats
CADkey (Key Creator)

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