CapabilitiesPrecision CNC Machining Services
For Aerospace Components
Custom Aerospace Engine
Component Concurrent
Engineering Services
Secondary Operations:
Specialty CMM Inspection &
Testing Capability
Example ProductsCNC Machining of 
Stainless Steel Seal Runners
for the Aerospace Industry
Fabrication & Assembly of
Turbine Exhaust Case Struts
CNC Machined
Titanium Shroud Sets
Custom CNC Machining of
Stator Assemblies
Custom Fabrication of Aluminum
Core Vane Assemblies
CNC Machining of
Titanium Sump Housing
CNC Milled Magnesium
Gearbox Housings & Cases

Facilities & Processes

NADCAP & Approved Processes

 We are NADCAP certified for Fluorescent  Penetrant Inspection (FPI), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Conventional  EDM,  fusion welding and chemical processing.

Birken Manufacturing has been certified to the most stringent quality standards in the Aerospace industry since 1998. This marks our strong commitment to continuous improvement in our quality control processes. Our registrations include sheet-metal fabrication, precision assembly, precision machining, hot and cold metal forming,fusion welding and pneumatic and hydraulic testing.

Birken’s quality policy stresses continuous  improvement.  By tracking quality issues  and determining the cause of any quality problems, we seek to institute  corrective action to assure that the issue never reoccurs.  Our employees are encouraged to assist  manufacturing and engineering by determining corrective action that will improve  manufacturing precision, efficiency and provide value and quality for our  customers.  Our quality system conforms  to existing MIL-STD specifications.

Other Customer Approved Processes:

  • Fusion Welding
  • Resistance Welding
  • Pressure Testing
  • Flow Testing
  • Epoxy Painting
  • Assembly Function Testing

Processes Available

Precision Component Grinding, Lapping,  Honing

  • Flatness to .000002
  • Dia. Roundness to .00005
  • Dia. Cylindricity to .0001

Assembly & Test

  • Hydraulic (fuel / oil) Testing
  • Pneumatic Testing
  • Component Assembly
  • Oil Flow Testing
  • Pressure Testing


  • Surface Grinding
  • I D Grinding
  • O D Grinding
  • Crush Grinding
  • Super Abrasive Grinding
  • Centerless Grinding
  • CNC Universal Grinding

Machining (Max Size)

  • CNC Horizontal Turning – 20”
  • CNC Vertical Turning – 50”
  • CNC 5-Axis Horizontal Milling – 64” x  40” x 32”
  • CNC Vertical Milling – 80” x 40” x 30”
  • CNC 5-Axis Vertical Milling – 30” x  20” x 20”


  • Nickel
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Magnesium
  • Titanium
  • Inconel
  • Stainless Steel

Special Processes

  • Painting
  • Hot Forming
  • EDM
  • Fushion Welding
  • Resistance Welding


  • AutoCAD
  • MasterCAM
  • CADkey (Key Creator)
  • Unigraphics
  • Solidworks


  • Zeiss CMM (40” x 65” x 24”)
  • Brown + Sharp CMM
  • Customer Self Release - Pratt & Whitney, General Electric & Rolls Royce


  • Manual TIG Welding
  • Automatic TIG Welding