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Stainless Steel Seal Runners
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Titanium Shroud Sets
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Titanium Sump Housing
CNC Milled Magnesium
Gearbox Housings & Cases

Custom CNC Milled Magnesium Gearbox Housings & Cases

Cover for Helicopter
Custom CNC Milling of Magnesium Gearbox Housing Unit
  306 Intermediate Case
CNC Milled Gearbox Housing Unit
  UL for Gearbox Housing & Cover
Custom Manufactured & Assembled Magnesium Gearbox Housing Cover


Using several CNC vertical machining centers, Birken Manufacturing machines many different magnesium gearbox housing and covers for an aircraft application. We then machined liners and install them during the assembly process. We paint the housing after dichromate. Based on customer supplied CAD drawings, the magnesium housing has a length of 28", a width of 18" and a height of 6". We maintained a tight tolerance on certain dimensions of .001". Prior to shipping the product, our quality assurance team conducted dimensional, CMM, borescope, pressure test and fluorescent penetrant inspections. To learn more about our products and services, please contact Birken Manufacturing or see below for details.

CNC Milled - Gearbox Housing Frame
CNC Milled - Gearbox Housing Cover

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