CapabilitiesPrecision CNC Machining Services
For Aerospace Components
Custom Aerospace Engine
Component Concurrent
Engineering Services
Secondary Operations:
Specialty CMM Inspection &
Testing Capability
Example ProductsCNC Machining of 
Stainless Steel Seal Runners
for the Aerospace Industry
Fabrication & Assembly of
Turbine Exhaust Case Struts
CNC Machined
Titanium Shroud Sets
Custom CNC Machining of
Stator Assemblies
Custom Fabrication of Aluminum
Core Vane Assemblies
CNC Machining of
Titanium Sump Housing
CNC Milled Magnesium
Gearbox Housings & Cases

Custom Aerospace Engine Component Concurrent Engineering & Product Development Services

Custom Aerospace Engine Component Design
Custom Aerospace Large Case Capability
  Aerospace Engine Component
Aerospace Gear Box Component
  Aerospace Engine Component
Aerospace Titanium Shroud Sets

Birken Manufacturing is a Tier 1 supplier to OEMs such as Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, and Rolls-Royce. We offer concurrent engineering and R & D product development services for custom aerospace engine components. Focused on the aerospace, commercial, and military industries, we provide engineering initiatives for efficiency & reduced cost.

Our experienced process engineers can develop cost saving alternatives such as fabrication options as opposed to utilizing castings.  Our goal is to maximize machinability, while maintaining original design criteria.

Our engineering services include, but are not limited to, consulting, design assistance, prototyping, as well as research and development. We work with single piece details as well as complete jet engine components.  Our engineering capability includes file formats, from AutoCAD and MasterCAM to UniGraphics and SolidWorks.

We are ISO 9000 and AS 9100 certified, and are committed to Lean Manufacturing. Our quality department, as well as production areas, engage in regular Kaizen events, employing 5S methodology.

Our commitment to quality is fortified by our commitment to continuing education; we offer training programs in computer-aided process design, machine programming, and quality certification to our entire employee base.

For more information on our custom aerospace engine component process engineering, please see below and contact us directly to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Example Aerospace Engine Component Engineering Projects

CNC Machining of Stainless Steel Seal Runners for the Aerospace IndustryWelding & CNC Milling of Struts for the Aerospace IndustryCustom CNC Machined Titanium Jet Engine ComponentsCustom CNC Machining of Inconel Stator Assemblies   Custom Fabrication of Aluminum Core Vane AssembliesCNC Machining of Titanium Sump Housings for the Aerospace IndustryCNC Milled Magnesium Gearbox Housing Units

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