CapabilitiesPrecision CNC Machining Services
For Aerospace Components
Custom Aerospace Engine
Component Concurrent
Engineering Services
Secondary Operations:
Specialty CMM Inspection &
Testing Capability
Example ProductsCNC Machining of 
Stainless Steel Seal Runners
for the Aerospace Industry
Fabrication & Assembly of
Turbine Exhaust Case Struts
CNC Machined
Titanium Shroud Sets
Custom CNC Machining of
Stator Assemblies
Custom Fabrication of Aluminum
Core Vane Assemblies
CNC Machining of
Titanium Sump Housing
CNC Milled Magnesium
Gearbox Housings & Cases

About Birken Manufacturing Located in Bloomfield, Connecticut


Founded in 1943, Birken is headquartered in a comprehensive 70,000 square foot modern facility within a 40 acre site in Bloomfield, Connecticut. The site contains several other manufacturing businesses. In 2012, the company celebrated its 50th year at its Bloomfield, CT campus.

What We Do

Birken manufactures highly complex close tolerance, assemblies and components primarily for the aerospace jet engine business. Materials used include Inconel, titanium, magnesium and other exotic alloys. Birken manufactures finished parts from sheet metal, bar stock, castings and forgings. Over the past 10 years Birken has expanded its product base to include sophisticated sheet metal fabrications, welding sheet metal to castings and forgings, creating air foil struts for the Trent 900 turbine exhaust case.

Why Choose Birken

Birken has maintained quality approvals and commendations from leading prime contractors and government agencies for more than forty years. We strive to achieve high quality through continuous improvement programs. We encourage advanced personnel training and the procurement of state-of-the-art equipment.

At Birken we realize that you, the customer, must be the major focus of our business. We believe in working with you as a partner to provide manufactured parts, details and assemblies according to your specifications and required delivery. A partnership requires that we provide the dedication and focus to bring to the marketplace a product that insures both partners are satisfied with quality, reliability and value. We look forward to providing our customers with quality parts, on-time and meeting the stringent requirements of today's aerospace industry.

Our History

Birken Manufacturing Company was founded by Louis B. Rogow in Hartford, Connecticut in 1943.

In 1952, Sidney Greenberg, who had both an aeronautical engineering degree and a law degree, joined the Company. Mr. Greenberg brought considerable experience from the aviation industry, having served in the Army Air Corps at Wright-Patterson Field and then at Hamilton Standard as an aero-dynamicist. He helped convert Birken from a gauge manufacturer to a manufacturer of precision jet-engine parts and sophisticated fuel control assemblies. The customer base through the 1980s included Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Hamilton Standard, Raytheon and Lycoming.

By 1976, Mr. Greenberg had become President of Birken and had purchased a controlling interest in the company from Mr. Rogow. Incidentally, Mr. Rogow turned to philanthropy and spent a great deal of time in his later years promoting charitable giving and scholarship. He formed the Rogow-Birken Foundation which offered full scholarships to qualified students seeking engineering degrees. Today, the Foundation, which was renamed the Rogow Greenberg Foundation, provides annual scholarships to college students as well as grants to deserving charities.

Birken has been manufacturing precision components and assemblies since the early 1950's. Our product base has been expanded to include sophisticated sheet metal assemblies, gear box housings, and jet-engine vanes and struts. Our customer base has expanded to include among others, Pratt & Whitney Canada, ITP, MHI, Turbomeca, Magellan, Boeing, Rolls Royce and the U.S. Government.