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News from Birken Manufacturing Located in Bloomfield, Connecticut

Birken Manufacturing Company is celebrating its 50th anniversary at its Bloomfield, Connecticut site in 2012. Birken will celebrate its 70th overall year in business in 2013. We recently attended the Farnborough, England Airshow where we were an exhibitor of close tolerance manufacturing techniques and integrated manufacturing solutions for jet engine OEMs. Birken continues to be a supplier on the Pratt & Whitney JSF engine program and has recently shipped initial parts for Pratt’s new Geared Turbo Fan engine.

Birken has been a 20 year supplier to Rolls Royce and we continue to produce a myriad of parts for both fixed wing and rotor engine products purchased through their Indianapolis facility. Birken is a major supplier of Turbine Exhaust Case details for the Rolls Trent 900 engine currently powering the Airbus A-380 aircraft.

Over the last 50 years Birken’s strength has been its ability to provide quality aircraft parts of all sizes and quantities produced in a flexible environment. Our customers know that we can change and redirect our focus with just a phone call. We are proud of that heritage and the three generations that have kept our reputation intact.

Our future provides new challenges. Large production programs, R&D activities, and joint development teams that deal with productivity and machine capabilities require more up-front cooperation and coordination with our customers. We have developed the “continuous improvement” expertise to meet these new challenges. Our Engineering and R&D staff confers with customers almost daily developing strategies to meet rigorous test and production goals for today and 20 years into the future. We have produced nearly 40 prototype and test parts for the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) and the GP 7000 series engines which also power the A380 commercial airliner.

We see a tremendous future in the Regional Jet and Business Jet industry. Pratt & Whitney Canada, GE, and Rolls Royce will lead the expanding engine market for this industry segment and we are proud to be partnering with these companies in this exciting and demanding ramp-up activity.

Our opportunities for significant growth are at our doorstep. The V-2500, the Trent 900, GE 90 and the PW F135 are current production engines. The future holds the Trent 1000, TP 400, GE Leap, Rolls Royce XWB, and the Geared Turbo Fan as well as many military mainstays. We look forward to the challenges of our future.